Small bathroom floor plans that work

Do you think that it’s time to do some renovation at home? Not sure which part of the house you should deal with first? Usually, people like to begin with smaller parts of their abode, and these days, the bathroom is one of the smallest areas in most homes. Nevertheless, a complete makeover can be a bit of a challenge for any room, and the bathroom is not an exception in this regard. It becomes even harder when you have a small bathroom, since there is less space for maneuvering and carrying out your ideas. Fortunately, there are small bathroom floor plans that work and can make even the tiniest of rooms great. Plenty of amazing designers come up with great ideas that come to life and immediately improve things. Here are a couple of ideas for your small bathroom if you are not sure whether there is something you can do to improve things:

  • Adding mirrors. Mirrors are one of the most tasteful accessories you find around the house. They add a lot of value and create an effect which is exactly what small spaces need. If you put a mirror on the wall in your bathroom, the entire space will feel like it is twice as significant than it is. Not only that, but mirrors also reflect light. If you have a need to bring more brightness, make sure to put that mirror to use.
  • Toilets on the wall. If you don’t have enough space to work with, consider mounting your toilet on the wall. By doing so, you will have more room for your legs. However, if you don’t have the means to do so, there are other things that wall can serve. You can add a shelve above the toilet. Shelves don’t take any space when you put them correctly, and they will provide you with extra storage space.

  • Getting rid of the tub. Even though it is one of the life’s pleasures, getting rid of the bathtub might be the best way to increase the room. Tubs usually take more than half of the space, and if you replace it with a shower, there will be more space. People have this bias against showers, but it’s unfounded. Showers are just as excellent as bathtubs. Moreover, you will spend less time washing if you use a shower. Most people would agree that saving time is crucial, especially in this day and age.
  • Smaller sinks. Sinks are in every bathroom, but some are bigger than they actually should be. Look for a model that does not take that much space. Even though it might seem like a trivial and meaningless suggestion, it will, without a doubt, save you some space.

All in all, other great small bathroom floor plans can improve your home. Do some research online to get more ideas.

Written by Simon