Merino clothings and their benefits

Merino wool containing clothes:

For different types of clothing, merino wool can be used. Due to its natural characteristics to assure a warm and soft fit against the skin, merino clothings are not only comfortable but also safe for your skin. Similarly, merino works in the same way as a micro-fleece as the fiber is capable of trapping and dispersing the necessary amount of heat.

The following types of clothing contains merino –

  • Cold weather: Merino wool is used in a variety of winter accessories and clothing, because of its extremely insulating abilities. Socks, neck gaiters, hats are just a few items that often contain merino wool to assure warmth and insulation.
  • Active-wear: Merino wool can keep you warm in winter and also cool when you are hot. Its antibacterial properties also keep your garment odor free a long time.
  • Sensitive skin: Usually wool clothing gives you a scratchy and irritable feeling against the skin. But merino wool is considered as fine wool that gives you a soft feeling against the skin.
  • Socks: Socks made of merino wool can give you extra warmth and comfort. In addition, because of having antibacterial composition, it prevents unwanted odors on your feet.


Advantages of merino wool:

Merino Clothing has some amazing advantage to provide to its users. Some of them are mentioned below –

  • Incredible comfort: Merino Clothing is incredibly comfortable to wear. It is world’s finest wool and feels seductively lightweight and soft. This is the main reason why it is used as the base layers, underwear and socks.
  • Maintenance of warmth: Merino Clothing can keep you warm for a long time. Due to its natural crimp, it can cleverly insulate by trapping body heat in air pockets.
  • Regulation of body temperature: Merino Clothing can regulate your body temperature. It has the ability to release warmth as needed for preventing overheating and to cool you down when your conditions heat up.
  • Soaking up moisture: It has the ability to absorb the moisture up to 30% of its weight. Even after that, it can still continue its ability to insulate and keeping dry, warm and cozy. So even if you are working up a sweat it will keep you dry.
  • Odor resistance: In the case of synthetic fibers, bacteria can build up and generate bad smell in your clothes. But on the contrary, merino clothing resists bacteria and odor retention.
  • Easily washable: Merino Clothing doesn’t need to be washed as much as clothes of synthetic fiber. Moreover, the washing increases its warmth.
  • Shape: Merino Clothing keeps its shape for a long time. It is very much elastic and has the ability to retain its shape after years of using and repeated washing. On the contrary, you will face a lack of flexibility in the synthetic fabric which after a specific time will become useless.

Merino Clothing provides you a lot of benefits than clothings of synthetic fiber. Its moisture wicking, comfort, temperature regulation, odor resistance, breathable, elasticity.

Written by Simon