How to Make Strung Wooden Hearts

Most everyone loves decorations in the shape of hearts. You can hang the heart decorations over windows, doorways or anywhere in your home or yard.

The wooden hearts can be painted white, red, and pink for Valentine’s Day. They can be painted red, white, and blue for the 4th of July. Wooden hearts can be painted green and red or silver and gold for Christmas. The wooden hearts can be painted pastel colors for spring or orange, browns, or reds for fall colors to go with themes for seasons.

Items Needed for the Strung Wooden Hearts

5 Precut Wooden Hearts. The precut wooden hearts need to be approximately three inches in diameter. The precut hearts will help make the craft project move along faster, especially if you have children helping.
Drill and 1/8th and 1/4 inch drill bit. The drill and bits will be used to drill holes in the wooden hearts for the raffia and ribbon to be strung through to join the hearts. You may also need to drill holes in the wooden beads.
A small package or bundle of raffia. The raffia will be used to tie the wooden hearts together in the middle of the strung wooden hearts.

2 yards of 1 ½ inch wide ribbon. The ribbon will be used to connect the wooden beads to the wooden hearts. The ribbon will also be used to hang the strung wooden hearts.

2 large wooden beads. The wooden beads will be used to create a unique look the wooden hearts. You may also paint the beads to go with the colors you have chosen.

Paint and brushes. You can use oil, acrylic or spray paint for a splash of color. Use the brushes to paint the acrylic or oil paint on the wooden hearts.

Assembling the Strung Wooden Hearts

Step One: Drilling the Holes

Using the pictures in this article, drill the small holes needed with the 1/8th inch drill bit. Once you have finished the 1/8th inch holes, use the 1/4 inch drill bit for the last two holes.

Step Two: Painting the wooden hearts and beads

Paint the wooden hearts and beads from the colors that you have chosen. You can use oil, acrylic or spray paint for a splash of color. Use the brushes to paint the acrylic or oil paint on the wooden hearts. With the spray paints, you have a choice of metallic or stone style paints. When painting the wooden hearts, make sure to use a well-ventilated space. You can also decorate them with stencils or any other fashion you desire.

Step Three: Stringing the Wooden Hearts

Now that the wooden hearts are dry. Cut four one-inch lengths of raffia. Thread the raffia through one hole and up through another hole in two of the hearts. Tie a bow with the raffia at the top of each of the hearts. If necessary, trim the ends of the raffia.

Step Four: Finishing the Strung the Wooden Hearts

In the outer holes, thread one of the ribbons through and make sure the ribbon is even by pulling the ends of the ribbon until even. Thread one of the large beads over both ends of the ribbon. Slip the ribbon to the heart. Trim the ends of the ribbons if needed. Tie the extra ribbon into a knot at the end. You will do this process on the other end of the strung wooden beads.

Now that you have tied the ends of the strung wooden hearts, it is ready to be hung. Not only can you use this craft project for your own home, you can also make them as gifts. Your children can also make these strung wooden hearts for gifts of their own. Check this website and learn more about wooden hearts.

Written by Simon