How to Evaluate an Affiliate Marketing Product: Choosing a Product for Your Online Affiliate Marketing Campaign

Once an online affiliate marketing niche is chosen, and there is a market full of hungry buyers, it is time to choose an affiliate marketing product. Researching affiliate programs yields a list of several affiliate products.

How to Compare Affiliate Marketing Products

1.    Research the merchant. Do an internet search and be sure that he has a good reputation. There should be few, if any, complaints about service. Be aware of any negative reviews of the product. Be sure to read the whole review; some articles that appear to be negative reviews are actually affiliate promotions for the product.

2.    Does the affiliate marketing blog provide promotional materials? It is not uncommon for web marketing programs to provide brandable ebooks, newsletter promotional materials, ads and other products to help promote the affiliate product. If these exist, evaluate their quality.

3.    Will you get credit for the internet marketing sale if a prospect buys later? It is not uncommon for a customer to consider a purchase and look at alternatives, then later return to purchase the affiliate product. Also, if the sales letter has a newsletter sign-up, will your affiliate identification carry through? If a prospect signs up for the newsletter and later buys through the newsletter, how is that internet marketing sale credited? Ask the affiliate program manager, but when in doubt, come into the site on the affiliate link, then sign up for the newsletter. Buy an evaluation copy through the newsletter link and check to be sure that the sale credits properly.

4.    Is information about buyers available? Sending a thank you note, and further offers, develops customer loyalty and generates further sales to this customer. Without at least the buyer’s email address, then the customer is now someone else’s customer and the internet marketing sales process must begin again with a new customer. This is why internet marketers sometimes offer a 100% commission on a product. The customer is worth far more than his first purchase.

5.    Does the marketer offer an upsell at the time of the first purchase? If so, is commission credited on this purchase as well? A good affiliate management program will continue to up-sell a buyer and credit the commission to the affiliate.

6.    Evaluate the actual affiliate product. Ask the merchant for an evaluation copy. Most likely the product will need to be purchased; but it is important to evaluate the product. There is no reason to spend time promoting a product that will result in unhappy customers. Many times the sales page is professionally written, but the product itself seems to have been written by someone who cannot spell and barely knows English. Set high standards, happy customers will buy again.

A great product may not meet all of these conditions. It might still be a good product, but it will require extra work. For instance, if the merchant does not have promotional materials available it will require extra time to create them. Marketers who are willing and capable of doing this have an advantage over the other affiliates. Not having access to the buyers is a more serious concern, and a poor product is a deal breaker. The ultimate goal is always as satisfied customer.

Written by Simon