How to Choose a Heating and Cooling Service in Melbourne

Finding a reliable heating and cooling system can be tiresome. The best time to choose such company is before you need an emergency repair job. Take your time to find a company that will be there for you when you need routine checkup or emergency repairs. To help you in your search, I will share with you some tips on choosing a heating and cooling service in Melbourne.

Tips on Choosing a Heating and Cooling Service in Melbourne

The following tips will help you to choose a heating and cooling service in Melbourne.

Checking Licenses

Heating and cooling services in Melbourne need to be licensed. Heating and cooling may also need repairing or installing plumbing. This is needed to supply oil or natural gas to heating equipment. Therefore, a heating and cooling service need to hold a separate plumber’s license or have a licensed plumber on call. When you get an estimate, ask if the company is licensed, as well as what type of license it holds.


A professional heating and cooling service should have a list of recent customers. Then, you can call these customers to verify. You should ask if the company performed the work timely and to the customer’s satisfaction. This verification process is important.


The cost of repairing, replacing, or installing new heating and cooling equipment is high. Therefore, you should have at least three different estimates from three different companies. The cost may vary widely from one company to another. You should also thoroughly document the project’s overall scope, details, and completion dates.

Compare not Just Price, but Value

You may want to choose a heating or cooling system that offers you the cheapest price. But, this may not be your best option. Heating and cooling system is very complex. Therefore, you need to make sure that the company you choose is experienced and skilled in their job.

Experience with your System

Some heating or cooling systems may feature cutting-edge energy-efficiency design like a geothermal system. Others may have an old school operating system, such as steam-driven radiators. You need to be sure the company you choose has proper experience with your particular system.

Ask for Rebates

You may be able to save money on new equipment through manufacture rebates. You should ask about rebates or special offers being made by your utility, installer, or manufacturer.

Payment Schedule

When installing new equipment, you may have to make a deposit and make progress payments or planned payments. This way, you can satisfy the bill. You may use a payment plan or apply for financing through the heating and cooling company’s line of credit. In that case, you must read all the fine prints and know what you will be financially responsible for.

Heating and cooling is an important part in every home. Therefore, you need to choose a heating and cooling service in Melbourne with proper attention.

Written by Simon